How To Do Lazy Keto

If you read articles on the Keto diet or look at videos on the same subject, you soon realize that there exists quite a range of attitudes to this low carb diet. There are those at one end of the scale who measure their blood, checking their macros and tracking calories to make sure they are in Ketogenisis, and sometimes scaring people with their “must do” message and the focussing on the bad mistakes that you can make.

At the other end of the scale are found the more relaxed individuals to this type of diet who don’t worship before the alter of the keto gods but who fit the diet into their daily lifestyle and are successful with their weight loss goals.

I read the following from a young women called Jolene, and thought it had a lot of sense. Jolene clearly has some knowledge of what the diet is, and has had successful weight loss experience with the diet, so I found her perspective very useful.

Lazy Keto

“When you’re following a diet like the low carb, Ketogenic diet, you can choose to follow it strict or lazy. Generally strict Keto means tracking your macros and calories to make sure you’re consuming macros to get into Ketosis and measuring bloods and breath etc. As an aside my Husband thought that Lazy Keto meant me getting him to make meals for me, and while I guess that is accurate, in this blog post, I’ll share what Lazy Keto actually means to me.”

No Tracking

“To me, Lazy Keto involves NOT tracking. I don’t track my calories, macros or carbs. In the very beginning of my Keto Diet journey, I looked up the foods I was eating in google and then made note of what macros are in common foods I have.

So, I googled – macros in sour cream or macros in mushrooms and then wrote them down in a notebook. I used that to track initially for a couple of weeks to understand the macros of foods which I enjoyed over and over again.

Once I knew what made up a typical Keto meal, I stopped tracking and just made sure my plates were as low carb as possible and full of healthy fats.

For an idea of what I buy when grocery shopping, here’s a video of a typical Keto Diet food haul. By filling my kitchen with such foods, it makes it easy to create easy ketogenic meals.”

How Do You Know It Is Working

“To check that I’m in Ketosis, and stay there, I measure using Keto sticks.  I find that confirming that I’m in Ketosis shows that what I’m doing is working.

Also, when I’m in Ketosis I have a wonderful level of energy and vitality which usually is also a clue that what I’m doing is working.”

Throw Out The Scale

“Through my last Keto stint, I weighed myself most days. The number on the scale had way more impact on my day and overall feelings than it should have. If the number went sideways or up, then I tried to analyse the previous day and would feel down and despondent.

I decided this time around, I’m not going to weigh myself. (It helps that we have just moved to Ireland and don’t have scale, so we just won’t be buying one. )

I have to say that it’s incredibly liberating. Feeling my weight loss rather in my clothing and seeing it on my face in the mirror, instead of a number on a scale telling me whether I’m successful or not.”

Ketogenisis Without Stress

“I found that following this lazy form of Keto is much less stressful than the strict Keto. Just enjoy the food and health benefits without the stress of numbers on the scale and the calorie tracker.

There can be so much stress associated with accurately tracking your food and then the silly number on the scale can create even more stress. Taking out those elements just means that you can just get on with this way of life without numbers holding you back.”

Of course everybody looking into this type of diet will have their own reasons for doing so, and they will decide how much they want to get involved with the whole Keto thing.

But it is interesting to hear the perspective of a person who has successfully lost weight using the keto diet without becoming totally involved in the strict discipline of it.

More information can be found at Yummy Inspirations

Thank you for reading this post – an interesting topic

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