Keto Diet Boiled Eggs

Ketogenic Eggs Benedict? 5 Ways Mate!

I am not too sure how many of you are experts in the kitchen. I think I am safe in saying that me being the usual male means there ain’t much finesse when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. Ummm maybe you could add the word “rare” somewhere in the last sentence, and I am not talking about cooking steak. I can do poached eggs, well I thought I could until I watched the ketogenic eggs benedict  video.

In the following video Mr Oliver shows how to prepare Eggs Benedict. From preparing the hollandaise sauce which includes a handy tip to keeping the sauce warm to carefully poaching the eggs and adding the extra goodies like smoked salmon and fried mushrooms – yum!

OK the muffins are are low carb for a keto diet,  and for a good feed you could be a bit more generous with the smoked salmon, ham etc.

Actually you could add fried bacon or asparagus to the 5 ways he shows us to make it 7.

The idea of using a bowl is a good one and the  plastic film for the eggs produces a nice result.

I am always disappointed when I poach an egg when the white migrates all over the place and my lack of patience means I get the water too hot and it boils )-:  and makes things worse. A more delicate touch is required.

I do like the look of the finished products in the video – very tasty.

Thank you for taking the time to watch the video – hope you enjoyed it.

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