Keto Crotch

What a weird heading. What does it mean?

Well this term Keto Crotch has sprung up recently in the media and it relates to problems in the “nether regions” for females on a keto diet.

A friend of mine had seen this Keto Crotch media release before me and sent me an email explaining what was behind this.

It makes an interesting read, and relates to what is now called Fake News, as well as dirty pool competition.

Keto Diet

Read on:

“Keto Crotch ” is just Humbug!

Starting in late February, there was an EXPLOSION of articles all talking about “keto crotch.”

The idea was that eating a ketogenic diet could cause women to develop bad smells in their lady parts.

Did you see any of these articles?

If you did, you probably had the same reaction most people did…

“Ew, that sounds rather… unpleasant. Maybe I shouldn’t do the keto diet?”

Others were more direct.

Upon hearing about keto crotch, Justine tweeted, “if that’s the case, I’m stopping. I’d rather be fat.”

But I began to wonder, is this really a thing? I mean, tens of thousands of women have been following the keto diet the past few years…

…and we’re just NOW hearing that “keto crotch” is a problem?

Seemed unlikely to me.

So I started doing a little digging.

And I found some interesting information. For example, one fearless person said it was fake news, then explained why the keto diet is actually GOOD for reducing bodily odors…

But the person who did the most digging was a nutrition researcher named John Zahorik.

He wanted to find out how this whole thing started.

And he discovered some really shady connections.

For example, he suggests that the “keto crotch” media blitz was dreamed up by the PR firm that represents Weight Watchers.

Naturally, Weight Watchers would have a lot to gain by making keto unappealing and causing people to abandon the diet en masse.

And get this…

A woman named Lisa DeFazio was quoted in many of the “keto crotch” articles. But Zahorik found out she’s nothing more than a paid expert who will put her name next to your words even on “short notice”… for a fee.

Zahorik didn’t stop there. He actually contacted 8 different authors who published “keto crotch” articles. None of these authors were willing to talk. Not only that, they weren’t even willing to share their articles on their own Twitter profiles!

There’s a lot more research Zahorik put together. But the bottom line is this:

What really stinks here is NOT “keto crotch”… rather it’s the people who foisted this made-up condition on the world in the first place!

So what can we learn here?

  1. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.
  2. The ketogenic diet is STILL one of the best diets for burning fat, reducing inflammation, and getting slim.

That’s all for today! 🙂

So there you go, part of the dark side of the media we have to put up with. It does have a positive for us keto-ites, however, in that the keto diet is proving its worth as a diet that works, and its success is celebrated in many parts of the world.

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